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FIFA 14 Walkthrough Team Creation and Selection

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"To create your own team, you do not need to meet any requirements. The only thing you need to do is to fill in the required fields and click "Create a club". In the "Public club" option set "No" if you want the other people to join your club only after y

The hand-created players are always better than the remaining ones. This results in a situation where having more real-life players increases the chances for victory. It is worth noting that goalkeepers are very hesitant to defend here and even the simplest of shots, which would be defended in the other modes, may result in a goal. This means that it is a good idea to consider a person controlling the goalkeeper, in your team. A hand-created goalie infuses the entire team, which he is in, with great advantage. Of course, on condition that such a person is good at doing that.

In the team view, you can charge a person with the role of the manager of the whole team, which entitles them to invite and expel players from the team. Also from the level of this window, you can expel the players who have not lived up to your expectations.