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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough Mission #7 - I must break you

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You will begin the mission in front of Sloan's military base.

Approach the main gate and use your Killstar to blow it up.

Now that you've made it inside Sloan's military base, it's time to wreak havoc and take out every enemy that gets in your way by using the Killstar and fight your way to the hangar G gate.

On your way to the hangar G gate, you are going to be attacked by a blood dragon, it will be easier to take him out using the Killstar, but you will still have to watch out for your health and try to avoid his attacks.

After reaching the hangar, you will have to make your way inside the Weapons Lab.

In order to reach the Weapons Lab, you will have to walk through several corridors until you reach a large door that leads inside of the lab.

There's going to be a surprise waiting for you inside the weapons laboratory; a battle blood dragon that can only be used by the one that has the Killstar equipped.

This is the part where the real fun begins, you will have to destroy everything on your way to Sloan.

Once you've reached the platform, a blood dragon will start attacking you, take him out by using your battle dragon's laser eyes.

Right after taking out the last blood dragon, Sloan's going to make his appearance.

Sloan will manage to get Rex trapped underneath the battle dragon shortly after appearing.

He's going to attempt to kill Rex, by shooting him a few times with his gun.

But in the end, Rex will manage to kill Sloan by using his Killstar once again.

The cutscene will come to an end shortly after killing Sloan and the credits will begin playing.

That was my Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon walkthrough guide, I hope you found it helpful.