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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough Mission #2 - They're hee-eere!

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You will begin the mission inside a strange looking cave.

Leave the cave as soon as the dialog between Rex and Dr. Darling is over.

At the cave's exit, you will be greeted by a Blood Dragon; but don't worry, he's not going to notice you as they have poor eyesight and they mainly use their hearing and smell to detect people nearby them.

Now, you will have to get past a valley with blood dragons all over it. Remember to stay crouched all the time and do not get too close to them, or they will notice you and become hostile.

You are going to find three dead bodies right at the end of the valley, press 'E' to pilfer and obtain some cyber-hearts.

Throw one or two cyber-hearts to distract the dragon guarding the valley exit.

After luring the blood dragon out of your way, move to the vantage point and remember to stay low, so you won't get noticed.

Throw some more cyber-hearts inside the bunker to lure all the nearby blood dragons there.

When the fight's over, head inside the bunker.

You will find a bow and some other useful supplies; such as explosive charge inside the bunker.

After grabbing everything you needed, use your cyber-eye to locate and mark the enemy soldiers inside the garrison.

Make your way over to the generator building marked on the mini-map.

Use the zipline to slide down inside the garrison.

Once you've made it inside the garrison, use your bow to take out enemy soldiers one-by-one without alerting the rest of them.

After taking out all the enemy soldiers, the garrison will become yours.

Now that you've liberated the garrison, head over to Dr. Darling's laboratory marked on the mini-map and meet up with her.

A cutscene will start playing after entering inside Dr. Darling's laboratory. You can choose to watch the entire cutscene or skip it.

The mission will come to an end once the cutscene's over.