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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough Mission #6 - Summon the plague

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You are going to begin the mission inside the liberated garrison, use the vehicle found inside to make it to the objective marked on the mini-map.

When you've finally reached the objective marker, you will come across a temple entrance.

Just keep in mind that if you enter inside, you will not be able to return back to the open world until you finish the game.

Once you've entered inside the temple, you will have to get to the first arena.

Round 1: In the first arena, a pistol will be waiting for you, go downstairs and grab it.

Right after grabbing the pistol, undeads will start attacking you from all sides, in order to take them out quickly, try to shoot them in the head and do not stay in the same place for too long.

Once you've dealt with all the undeads in the first arena, it's time to proceed to the second arena.

Round 2: In the second round, you are going to get to use a shotgun to defend yourself against the undead.

This time you will have to get a little closer to them, in order to deal more damage while shooting them in the head using the shotgun.

After taking out all the undeads around the graveyard, proceed to the third arena and the final arena.

Round 3: In the first part of this round, you are going to get the sniper rifle.

The sniper rifle is going to be equipped with explosive bullets, so try to take advantage of that and wait for the undeads to form a larger group before making the shot; that way you will be getting rid of them faster.

After taking out several waves of undeads using the sniper rifle, you are going to get a heavy machine gun.

Use the heavy machine gun to take out the last remaining wave of undeads.

Once the fight's over, make your way up to the last door and enter inside the temple.

Make your way upstairs to the prize you've received for fighting against the undead in three different areas.

The prize turns out to be the Killstar; the most powerful weapon in the entire game. In other to equip it, press 'E'.

A cutscene will start playing once you've retrieved the Killstar and the mission will come to an end afterwards.