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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough Mission #3 - Punch it

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You will begin the mission inside the garrison you have liberated in the previous mission, use the car found inside to reach the dam.

Once you've made it to the dam, make your way to the other end of it.

Use the ziplines that are located at the other end of the dam to make your way down on the beach and retrieve Dr. Darling's package.

Go inside the lighted cave to retrieve the package Dr. Darling has left for you.

Dr. Darling's package will contain some C4000 charges needed to blow up the dam. Press 'E' to open the crate and retrieve them.

Now that you've got the C4000 charges, get over to the dam's base.

Use your Cyber-Eye to mark all the enemy soldiers guarding the dam's base. You can choose to eliminate them silently one-by-one; without triggering the alarm or launch a direct attack on them.

Once you've got rid of all the enemy soldiers on the dam's base, plant the two C4000 charges on the marked spots.

When you're done planting the C4000 charges, make your way to the top of the dam.

Plant the last C4000 charge on the top of the dam at the indicated spot.

Now that you've planted all the explosive charges needed to destroy the dam, you will have to move out of the blast radius by walking over the large pipes on the right and climbing over the rocks to reach the indicated spot.

After reaching the safe zone, detonate the C4000 charges that you've planted on the dam.

Unfortunately, the explosive charges are not going to be strong enough to blow up the dam.

Three enemy soldiers are going to appear shortly after detonating the explosive charges planted on the dam. You can take them out by surprise using the zipline.

After dealing with the enemy soldiers, make your way back up to the top of the dam and regroup with the engineer.

On the top of the dam, you are going to encounter a large group of enemies. Throw a cyber-hear at their position to lure the nearby blood dragon.

While the blood dragon does its job, you can make a run to the other end of the dam.

Once you've made it to the other end of the dam, locate the stairs leading down to a huge door, behind which you can find the engineer.

Now that you've regrouped with the engineer, you will have to follow him through the complex.

As you make your way through the complex, you are going to come across bunch of enemy soldiers. Make sure to take them out before they kill the engineer, or else you are going to fail the mission.

Once you've dealt with all the enemies, follow the engineer to the control room.

Wait for the engineer to open the doors to a bridge that leads to the exposed reactor core.

Cross the bridge and make your way to the room behind the reactor core.

You are going to find a minigun inside the room, grab it and replace it with any weapon in your inventory.

After grabbing the minigun, the engineer will let you know that you have to go underwater and release 3 safety locks.

While you're underwater, try to avoid getting too close to the sharks.

Once you've released all the safety cores and made it back to the surface, enemies will start attacking you, your main objective is to protect the engineer while he does his work. This is the part where the minigun comes in handy, you can use it to destroy the enemy boats really fast.

After taking out all the enemies, you will punch the reactor core to shut it down.

The mission will come to an end after shutting down the reactor core.