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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Walkthrough Mission #4 - What is this sh*t?

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You will begin the mission in the same place where you left off in the previous one.

Press 'M' to bring up the map and fast travel to the liberated garrison to reach the objective faster.

Once you've reached the destination, you will have to take out the enemy soldiers guarding the complex entrance. You can take them out silently or go ahead and launch a direct attack on them.

After dealing with all the enemy soldiers guarding the entrance, head inside the facility.

Right after entering the facility, you will come across an enemy guard on the corridor, take him out silently without alerting the other guards.

After getting rid of the first enemy soldier, you will come aross two more that are guarding the bridge, try to silently approach them and use Chain Takedown to take out both of them fast.

Once you've dealt with the two enemy soldiers guarding the bridge, head straight ahead and enter inside the first complex and start taking out the enemy soldiers inside without triggering the alarm.

After killing all the enemies, you will have to locate two brain cage prototypes made for blood dragons and destroy them by shooting at them.

When you are done destroying the first two prototypes, head inside the second complex and take out the enemy soldiers located inside.

Destroy the last two remaining prototypes and move further inside the complex and find a way to open the silo.

You are going to come across a button right at the exit out of the second complex, push the button and wait for the silo to open.

Once the silo's open, wait for the right moment and jump down to perform a silent takedown on both enemy soldiers.

After taking out the enemy soldiers, jump down to the lowest level.

Replace one of your weapons with a flamethrower found on one of the crates down there.

After grabbing your flamethrower, locate the button and press it to open the blast doors.

Right after opening the blast doors, you are going to be attacked by a few enemy soldiers, a robo dog and a few enemy snipers. I'd recommend you to take cover behind crates as much as possible and start by taking out the enemy snipers one-by-one and then take out the remaining enemies.

Once you've successfully made it to the other end of the corridor without being killed by the snipers, you are going to enter inside a weird looking cave, where the blood dragons have laid their eggs.

You will have to locate the blood dragon eggs and destroy them using your flamethrower. Be careful though, you are not alone in this cave, there are also going to be two blood dragons, try to avoid getting spotted by them or else destroying the eggs will be much more harder thing to do.

After destroying all the eggs, you will have to get to the elevator quickly because the entire complex is about to get blown up.

Once you've made it to the elevator, you will have to press a button in order to call it down.

While the elevator gets down to your position, you will have to face an angry blood dragon. I'd recommend you to shoot the brain cage off its head and distract it using some cyber-hearts.

When the elevator has arrived, you will have to mount the turret and defend yourself.

As the elevator ascends back up, use the turret against the enemy soldiers you will come across at every level of the complex.

Once you've made it back to the top, you will get 35 seconds to escape the complex before it gets destroyed. If you do not crash into anything while driving through the complex, you should make it out just in time before the complex gets blown up.

The mission will come to an end after successfully escaping the complex.