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Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough Dukes, Bohan, and Broker Missions

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The first task will start immediately after the opening cutscene. Drive to his place.

He'll slow you your new place and also the game will show you some tips.

Like how sleeping will save the time and advance time 6 hours later.

Outside your apartment is a parking place where you can park cars you want to keep.

Also, that hot dogs can regenerate your health.

Now, get to Roman's by stealing a car. Roman is the R on the radar.

The yellow marker on the radar will tell you where to go. Drive to it to get to the hardware store.

When you get to the store, wait around for Roman and keep your eyes out for the loan sharks

After you see the loan sharks, call Roman, who gave you his phone number when you got to the store.

When Roman gets back, lose the loan sharks quickly.

After you lose them, drive Roman back to the cab depot. That'll be the end of the mission.

The next mission will be at the cab depot again.

Drive to the subway station now.

Pick up the girls and take them to their place.

Michelle would like to go out, so buy new clothes at the clothing store.

After that, the next mission will be commenced when Roman calls you.

Roman is still in debt to the Albanians, and they have trapped him on the basketball court in Firefly Island. Go to FIrefly Island. If you have to, make a waypoint in your map.

Exterminate Kalem. I killed him but the subtitles tell you to beat him up...oh well!

Now you'll have to chase Dardan, a third loan shark who runs away when he says his buddy down.

He'll stop at a factory. Kill him now.

After that, drive Roman back to the taxi depot.

The next mission will be at the taxi depot.

Drive to Rotterdam Hill to pick up a regular.

Then drive him to Masterson Street.

Jermaine goes to pick up some stolen parts from his lockup, when a swarm of police cars surround the area. Get outta there!

Once you finally lose the cops, take Jermaine back home.

The next mission will be at the taxi depot.

Pick up Little Jacob.

He hops into your car and asks you to take him to Dillon Street in Schottler.

Little Jacob gives Niko a gun and asks him to provide backup in case anything goes wrong. When you arrive, go to the vantage point and take aim.

Kill the attackers so Jacob gets out alive.

After you kill the two waves of attackers, take Little Jacob back home.

The next mission will be at the bar across from your place. There are other missions to do for Roman but since this is a walkthrough of the full story, I'll just show you the mission you have to do to advance in the story.

Get to the shop.

Throw a brick on the window and get the money fro Vlad.

The next mission will again be at the bar across from your apartment.

Get to the laundromat.

He'll run away so drive through the back and get him.

Make sure he doesnt get away.

Shooting the tires and body of the car will slow him down.

And that'll be it.

Go back to the bar to do the next mission.

Get to the subway station.

When you find the car, take it to the lockup.

But you cant have a dirty car! SO go to the car wash to get it cleaned before you lock it up.

Now continue to take the car back to the lockup.

And the mission will be over.

The next mission will still be at the bar across from your apartment.

Get to Roman's garage.

Ivan will try to escape from the depot. Chase him.

Later in the chase, he'll stop at a construction site and run on foot.

I shot him from the car because that's the fastest way.

Roma is heartbroken, due to a discovery of his girlfriend having an affair with Vlad. Head with Roman to Comrades Bar where Niko confronts Vlad.

This is a tricky part. RUn past the guards first.

Go out through the door Vlad went out.

You better have parked outside the bar because youll have to chase him with your car.

Vlad will stop at the shore and a cutscene will commence.

Then, kill him.

Call Roman, if he doesn't call you, to start the next mission.

This is a big part in the story. Faustin kidnaps you and Roman and now he wants you to do something for you. You'll have to find a cop car.

If you walk away from Faustin's house, you will usually hear a police siren coming in your direction which will stop up the street, or you may see a police car already parked up the street with the door open. Either way, just hop in.

Now, get to all the vans before they go to their location.

After you've gotten the items from the vans, take them to the lockup.

Call Dimitri and go to Faustin's house. Then Roman will call you and a training mission will begin. Take Dimitri to the sex shop.

Enter the shop.

After some business is discussed, and you learn how to free aim, go take Dimitri to the gun shop.

This is the gun shop where you can buy all sorts of guns you want.

For now, get an SMG.

Then go back to Dimitri.

You'll then have to go back to Faustin's house.

And the mission is done.

Hed to the F icon on the radar for the next mission.

Get to Guantanamo Ave where Lenny will be.

When you get there, chase him.

Get in front of him down the stairs. Then kill him.

For the next mission, go to the LJ icon on the radar.

Find the dealer for Little Jacob

As he's on the phone, follow him and don't be seen.

If you spook him, still follow him to the supplier.

The supplier will be in an apartment building.

Take down all of them.

And that'll be it.

For the next mission, go to Faustin's house.

Go to Firefly Island to find Mikhail's daughter biker boyfriend.

When you find him, get a bike that's around the area and get on it.

Chase him and take him out.

And you're done.

The next mission will be at the taxi depot.

Head to the internet cafe to...

Check your email! Move your mouse, or analog stick, to move the cursor. the on-screen directions will tell you the rest.

The next mission will be at Faustin's house.

Get to the old factory and find the truck full of explosives.

Now drive to the guy that owes Mikhail money's garage.

Once you drop off the truck and the area begins to explode, get outta there!

And that'll be it!

Call Roman to begin the next mission.

Meet Dimitri at Faustin's Club.

Dimitri convinced you to kill Faustin. So head inside the club to get him.

I just avoided the thugs and went directly after Faustin. An SMG did it pretty well.

The next mission will be commenced after a call to Dimitri. He'll tell you to meet you at East Hook.

Jacob will meet you there.

Dimitri has betrayed you! You and Jacob have to kill the thugs and make it outta there alive.

Steal a cop car to make your getaway easier. Take Jacob back to the cafe.

And done!

The next mission will commence with a call from Roman.

Get to Roman who's hiding in an alley

You'll have to get to your guy's apartment fast.

Looks like your enemies have burned down your apart

Now, go to the taxi depot to see if it's safe!

But it had the same fate...

Roman calls Malorie and has a place for you and Roman. Go to it.

Home sweet home.

Drive to the new M icon on the radar that stnads for Manny.

After talking to Manny, you guys decide to go to the dealer's place.

The dealer will come out and you'll have to chase him. But make sure he doesn't spot you.

As soon as the dealer goes in, follow behind.

There'll be lots of thugs. take them out.

As soon as you kill all of the thugs, get out.

And that'll be it.

Head again to Manny's for the next mission.

Get to Windmill Street.

When you do, make sure you shoot the driver and passengers of the car while your in your car or taxi.

then get out and kill the rest of the thugs.

And that'll be it.

Go to San Quentin Ave.

Then call Malorie.

The next mission will begin that way.

Go to the sniping point in South Bohan.

Here you'll learn how to shoot and use a sniper rifle. Take out the attackers.

That'll be it after that.

Now, head to the E to start the next mission for Elizabeta.

Head to the contact's apartment with Playboy.

Follow Playboy to meet the contact on the third floor.

Move up to the roof without getting killed.

You'll probably get there first, wait for Playboy.

Get away from the cops now with Playboy.

When you lose the cops, take Playboy to his apartment.