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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Friend Request

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After the cutscene, quickly get into your vehicle and dash over to the waypoint at Surburban Outfitters.

Walk into the store and fit Michael with a jacket and cargo shorts to fulfill the required look for the mission.

With the clothes purchased, exit the store and hightail it to the waypoint at the Life Invader offices.

Walk to the waypoint near the front doors to trigger a cutscene with one of the office programmers.

When the conveo ends, follow him into the offices and towards his desk.


The faster you clean the pop-ups and start the Anti-virus software, the closer to Gold you'll be!

When the task is done, walk over to the prototype room to trigger a cutscene.

Once that's done, exit the building and get into a vehicle and drive back to Michael's house.

Watch the TV keynote and wait for Jay Norris to show the phone. From there, bring up your cell and dial "JAY NORRIS" to complete the mission.