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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough The Long Stretch

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After the cutscene, get into the vehicle and drive over to Ammu-Nation.

Purchase a weapon (and Body Armor if you have the paper) and then exit the store and drive to the meeting place.

When you arrive at the place, make your way into the building and up the stairs to trigger a small gun battle with some gangsta baddies!

Get into cover and start blasting at the baddies.

When the coast is clear, follow Lamar as they try to leave the building. Keep in mind that there are enemies at every corner so take cover!

When you reach the stairway, carefully navigate down and a baddie will run up and shoot you, so blast him quickly.

Navigate your way out of the building while keeping in cover. The exit doorway will have more baddies, so shoot them down and exit outside to find a helicopter in your way. Shoot it down to clear the area and then follow Lamar to the rooftops.

Jump over the wall at the end of the rooftops and enter the vehicle and find a hideaway from the cops quickly!

When the coast is clear, drive back to Frank's house to complete the mission.