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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough Three's Company

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Drive over to the waypoint at the FIB building to trigger the mission. Walk up to Dave and his friends to view a cutscene.

When that's done, get into Dave's car and drive to the next waypoint to meet with Trevor and Franklin.

When Mike is ready, fly the helicopter to the IAA building. Trevor needs to park the copter on the side of the rooftop to get Mike into position (a cutscene will trigger when Trevor gets close).

From there, rappel down to the lower floors until Mike stops.

Watch the cutscene with Mr. K and then break in when prompted.

As soon as Mike takes the hostage, switch to Franklin and start sniping the baddies. Zoom in close and take them out one by one until Frank can't see the others in hiding.

From there, switch to Michael and shoot down the remaining agents to clear them out.

When the building is cleared, several attack copters swoop in.

Snipe down the first copter quickly!

Switch to Michael to gun down the rest of the other copters that chase after you.

Activate Mike's special ability if needed!

Once all the copters are down, fly back to the FIB waypoint and land the chopper to complete the mission.