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Heavenly Sword Walkthrough Ch 3 - Rolling Thunder

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Roach will curl in to a ball and then roll quickly towards you. Dodge his roll attack by rolling to either side.

He will be briefly stunned at the end of his roll attack. Quickly attack him with your power stance to do maximum damage. Only hit him twice though. Hitting him three times will piss him off.

When you've almost removed one color from his life bar, he will start rearing up with a red attack and plunging his blades in to the ground. He gets stuck when he does this. Quickly run around behind him and then follow the button sequence as it is shown on the screen.

Use the same strategy to take the next color of his life bar down. While he is on this life bar color he will also spin in a circle and jump straight up in to the air. He will try to land on you, so keep moving. After he performs this jumping maneuver he will be stunned, so jump in and hit him a couple of times.

When you've almost got him down to the red life bar color he will get his swords stuck in the ground again. Run behind him again, and hit the proper button sequences.

Take his last life bar the same way you did the others. When he is almost dead he will once again plunge his swords in to the ground. Run behind him and press the proper button. The last button sequence is a bit involved so be ready.

When Roach is beaten, the section will be over.