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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 1 - Tutorial

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The first mission basically tutorial mission. The path is linear so just keep moving forward until the end of the path, which ends the mission.

Firstly, change to your favourite suit.

Keep going...

Climb the wall and use the ladder to go up.

Just press forward and 47 will automatically jump to another side.

Get down twice and climb up again using the ladder.

Go to "Basement 3".

Now, take your time to practice the weapons here. Move on to another room to practice another weapons.

At the end of the path, enter the elevator and go to "Basement 2".

This is where you can practice heavy weapons. Why I called that heavy because during mission, you can only bring one weapon of these type.

Then, enter the elevator and go to "Basement 1".

Kill the guard.

Take his clothes.

Go to the next room and pretend that you're the same guy you just killed. :P

Get out from here to end the mission. [END]