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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 5 - The Lee Hong Assasination

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EQUIPMENTS: Require a knife and silenced pistol.

Enter the restaurant.

Go to the bar.

Talk to this bartender and he'll give you the VIP pass. Take it on the table.

Go back to here. Enter the room (green arrow pointed to). Your target is the guy in red circle. Before kill him, wait for girl in yellow circle to walk away from here.

When she entered the bar, kill this guy.

Drag him inside the room and take his clothes.

Through the left door.

Now, you gonna save the captured agent. Just enter the room in front.

Go down.

Go left.

Your target is in front. Now...

Go behind that guy slowly.

Now, beware of patrolling guards. Only one that patrols here. So, let he pass this area and then you kill the target.

Bring the body inside the room.

Save the agent. IMPORTANT: Dont skip the cutscene because the agent will tell you the right location of the safe. One of the easiest place is Guard Quarters.

Go up again using the path you came here.

Through this room.

Talk to this old lady. She'll give you something special.

Follow the Ho into the room.

Ask her about the combination. :)

Then again follow her until she escapes.

Don't worry you're in disguise. No one will shoot you.

Now, your task is find the safe. You may need to explore the building a little bit to find the safe. At the VIP area, you can access 2 safe, 1 at the Ho's place and 1 near the stairs you access the basement before.

If the safe at Guard Quarters, then just go to the VIP area.

Use this elevetor to access the floor.

There are three guards. One patroling and another two guard the safe. You can kill this one first.

Then quickly shoot this guard and holster your weapon.

He wont suspect you at all. Sooo, just do your job to let him rest in pain.

Once you have the jade, go to the herbal shop at the restaurant.

You'll get one bottle of poison.

Follow one of the waiters here. Be careful, sometimes both will go to the toilet at the same time.

Kill the last person and hide the body in the toilet. Take his clothes too.

Go to the kitchen.

Put the poison into the soup. Then serve it to Lee Hong.

He managed to escape but dont worry.

After you kill that fatty, go change back to clothes before.

Then, go to the place where the capture agent was held.

Turn around that place and find the path that have stairs like this (at the right side).

Keep going straight and enter the room.

Once you open the door, go to left.

When you found this place, then you're in correct path. Keep going...

Use the elevator to go down and eliminate all guards here.

Before going up, change to Red Dragon clothes.

Now, go upstairs.

Wait Lee Hong at one of his room. Make sure no one can see you.

When he enters the room, quickly shoot his head and holster.

Go down.

Use this small elevator to go down.

Use the boat to escape. [END]