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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 8 - Say Hello To My Little Friend

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The quickest way to enter the camp is through the right path.

Keep going...

Right after you step inside the area. Go straight.

Inside the shelter, there's a silenced pistol and few ammo. Take it.

Find a way to go to this house. You cant possibly miss it.

Here, you'll stuck but you can overcome this by keep running left and right until you step on the floor.

Now, your task is clear the building from all enemies. Use knife and silent pistol you got before this. Each room there is at least one enemy.

Trick: kill with a knife, quickly holster and go to nearby enemy (if they didnt see you), they will keep looking without suspecting you. :D Or you can find a place to hide and shoot the enemy, when others come shoot again. :P

Go to every door, except the guarded door. Hunt for enemies until no more.

No more guards? Then open the main door!

Hide behind the wall and use lean left/right to shoot him. Watch your back too sometimes enemy come into the house because of the noise!

Finally, he's dead. Take the bomb on the table.

Before get out from the house, kill nearby enemy at the towers. Sometimes, they see what you did and whey you go out, they will start shooting.. So as precaution step, kill them before they kill you.

Also, take this clothes too. So that you can have access the drug lab.

Now, go to the drug lab.

Go to another entrance.

Ignore the soldier. Just go to inside.

Place the bomb. Now, you're all set.

Get away far from here.

Use the remote to activate the bomb.

To escape, you can just run to the plane or kill them. They will shoot you whenever you near it.

Fly plane to escape. [END]