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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 9 - Traditions of the Trade

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EQUIPMENT: Only a fibre wire.

Enter the hotel, go up and turn right.

Wait for this guy at the scanner to steal his master key.

Just steal it.

Go down and turn left.

Turn left again to go to the pool.

Change your clothes at the far right room.

Turn right to go the sauna room.

Go to the valve and activate it.

Take the key from the body. You can leave the body like this. No one cares.

Changes back to your clothes.

Again, go up and turn right.

Enter room 201.

Wait for the body guard.

When he enters the room, then you have to do something.

Jump to another side.

Quickly, open the door and move behind the target. Use the wire to take his life.

Take all the items on the table.

To kill your main target, just enter the room a little to shoot. Do it quickly because he may notice and scream.

Take the bomb case.

Jump to the room 201 and exit from there.

At the same floor, find stairs. You have to go up to the third floor.

Go to right, at the "Exit" sign.

Wait for the police to walk away.

Climb here.

Enter the clinic through the opened window.

Turn on sneak mode.

Kill this guy and take his clothes.

Go to the X-Ray room and take the bomb.

Now, exit the place.

Go back to the ground floor.

Keep going to the kitchen.

Run towards the exit door.

Finally, escape from this hotel. [END]