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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 10 - Gunrunner's Paradise

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EQUIPMENTS: Bring all the required equipments as shown in the picture.

Keep going straight and you will find this guy. Try to take his clothes.

Enter the bar.

Go to backstage and wait for the dancer.

Make a deal with her.

This is awkward. That guy keep watching you.

When both of them having fun time, attach GPS transmitter to target's car.

Open the receiver and watch out for any movement.

While waiting, go back to the starting point. Notice that there is a switch to change the train track. Toggle it.

Go back to the bar and wait the car move.

Chase the car. Notice that on the way, there's another track switch. Not this one, it is the one at the left side of the track in front.

This is it.

Well, the gate opens. Now, take out your MP5SD.

Beware of dogs. Dont kill them near the main gate (where the red car parked). Instead, run and let the dogs chase you. Then kill around this area. Recommended kill at the same place.

Turn around and check for more dogs.

When the outside cleared, go to this car and take back the GPS transmitter.

Find a way to go upstairs.

Let they see you. No need to be stealth.

They will come here. So, your job is to shoot them. No need to hide body by doing this way.

Do some noises or shoot someone to get his attention. Then hide. When they get up here. Again, just kill.

Take one of the gang member clothes.

If there's a dead body on the ground floor. Dispose the body somewhere. Or bring it to the second floor.

Go to the briefcase and attach the GPS transmitter.

Now wait....

Talk to this guy. If nothing bad happen, the mission complete. [END]