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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 13 - Meet Your Brother

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Firstly, shoot the guard. Eliminate anything in your way.

Run straight and turn right.

Again, run straight until the end and turn right.

Opeen the gate.

Go inside the room in front.

Take the minigun.

Holster your weapon so that the minigun wont slow down your movement.

Get out from the room and turn right.

Then left.

As you can see the cloning door open at the other side. So...

Use the door nearby. There's a shortcut to go there.

Go behind this.

Now, you're at the other side. Quickly...

Run and enter the cloning chamber. Do not step on the footprint.

Hide behind the door. The clones will not enter this room.

Find a safe place. Then, lean to the left. Notice that the minigun can pass through the door.

This is your chance to stay alive while killing all the clones.

When he dies, holster your weapon and move to the body.

Drag the body near the cloning chamber door.

Then, before the clone get out from the other door. Use the shortcut to go there.

If we do this, the body that has been dragged can be easily dragged into the chamber. But now, ...

Using the same technique as before. Kill the second clone.

If you sure that he's dead. Then, holster your weapon and drag the nearby body.

Drag the body on top of the footprint. Do not let go the body, just drag it.

The last door will be opened. Now, let the minigun handle all the remaining clones.

Before the doctor start chasing, shoot him to end the mission. If he caught you, the mission will be failed and you have to restart all over agaiin. Congratulations! You've beat the game. [GAME OVER]