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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 12 - The Setup

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Enter the building through the main door.

Talk to this guy and he'll open the door for you.

Enter the door in front and keep going to get an Uzi. This weapon is used for the next mission and optional.

Then, head back to the lobby and go to the 2nd floor.

Open the green door and run forward. Open another door directly in front as you can see in the picture.

Then, go to the room at the left side.

Find the syringe nearby. Take it. This is the only weapon you need in this mission.

Get out from the room and head to the small door at the left side of the green door.

This is the doctor room. Use the syringe at him and...

Take his clothes.

Dont forget to grab the key hanging at the wall.

Then, go back downstairs.

Enter the middle door.

Go to the left path. And then, enter the door in front.

Keep going straight and go upstairs.

Enter the TV room (left).

Go to the back cage.

Take the antidote on the table.

Give it to the man over here.

He'll show you the way to the next area.

Open the door or gate if he stops.

Wait for the man use the elevator to open the secret path.

Enter the path to end this mission. [END]