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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 11 - Plutonium Runs Loose

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EQUIPMENTS: Same as the picture shown. The last one is binoculars.

When the mission start, quickly run and shoot a guard patrolling this area.

Again, shoot another guard in front.

Now, go to the gate. Notice that one guard patrolling along the gate. So, stay in front him. Try to block his way.

The guard will continue to move along the way and pushes your body. Now, you just need to to control left and right to maintain your position.

Or you can use another technique, which is easier. Just press walk key behind the patrolling guard. Act as his shadow. You can easily pass through the gate.

Total, there are three gates until you reach the ship.

Before you able to enter the ship, you have to change clothes to sailorman.

But first, use binoculars to see if any enemy patrolling there. (At the white crosshair)

Wait for him to pass through here.

Kill this guy, drag him behind the stairs and take his clothes.

Then, enter the first door to the left.

Go down.

As you can see, there are two guards guarding here. What to do? Just kill them. Total 4 guards, 2 more will come when they see the body.

Just kill them all.

Wait for a few moments for the main target to show up! Aim for t

Then, go down another floor.

Go straight and turn left.

Open the door and turn left. You'll see another stairs. Go down there.

Clear this area.

Disarm the nuke in the last room.

Now, go to the highest floor.

Keep going until...

Kill the captain and....

Start the engine. The mission ends after the cutscene. [END]