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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 6 - Find the U'wa Tribe

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EQUIPMENTS: Compass, binoculars, kevlar, M60 (or any), and as usual a knife.

Use compass, and equip your M60.

Open your map and go to the location in green circle. Use the compass so that you dont have to open map many times.

While on the way to the crash site. Keep looking for enemies. Hide and shoot.

Take one of their clothes and holster your weapon. You're now safe to run anywhere.

But it's recomended to kill any enemies on sight.

You can find the idol doll here, on the ground outside the aircraft.

After you take the doll. Make your way to the location in gree circle.

Clear this area to save the captured

Go up the guard's tower and take the sniper.

Kill all enemies.

When the area are safe, that guy will start running away. Follow him to the village (at the left side of the map).

Now, show the doll to the villager.

Meet with the village chief. The mission ends after the conversation. [END]