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Hitman: Codename 47 Walkthrough 4 - The Massacre at Cheung Fish Restaurant

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EQUIPMENTS: A knife and a silenced pistol.

Firstly, run to the back of the restaurant.

Enter the through the window.

Drop your silenced pistol here.

Then, get out.

Follow the red arrow and go to the place.

When the target entered the area, you'll see him. Your target is Red Dragon member.

Kill him nearby the arrow shown because there's a drain to dispose the body. Make sure the area is cleared from "havemercy" guy and a police.

Quickly drag him.

Try to put the body inside.

Take the amulet and his clothes.

Get back to the restaurant.

Use the front door. Any weapons you have now will be taken.

Take out the amulet and drop it on the table.

Then, talk to the policeman.

Talk to the bartender to get the key.

Enter the toilet and wait for the patrolling police walk passes the window.

Quickly, take your pistol, open the door and shoot his head.

Holster and get out through the window.

Run to the drain. Then, take back your suit.

Go to your car to complete this mission. [END]