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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough 3 - The Bjarkhov Bomb

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Firstly, wait for someone in the plane. The guy is a normal civilian. He will takes the goods to the kitchen.

This is the target. Approach him carefully and quietly.

Take his clothes, hide his body.

Go to this building through the main door.

Go to the kitchen.

Talk to a guy at the kitchen. He'll tell you more details on how to kill the next target.

Then, take a "Laxative" nearby.

Poison the soup. Then wait until the target eats it.

Before the targets finish his soup and go to the bathroom, you need to wait and hide inside. Don't let the guard see you when he opens the door.

Shoot a bullet to his head and take his clothes.

Follow the guard to the ship.

Start the train.

Enter the ship through here.

Follow the given instruction.

Once insdie the ship, drop all your guns before going to the next room.

Enter the targets room and kill him when he takes the drinks.

Get out through the secret door.

Take back your weapons.

Before get out from this ship, go to the back room through the guard's room.

Take all the bombs inside. It should be three.

Then head to a warehouse that the chef talked about.

Go the right once you enter this bulding. The first room (on the right) that have a anti-radiation suit. Change to that suit.

Then keep going to the staris nearby the wrecked submarine. Plant all the bomb at "!" sign. Then ride the train, trigger the bomb. After that, simply head to the exit point. -end-