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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough 6 - Deadly Cargo

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Firstly, enter the strip club.

Go to this room and talk to that girl for extra service.

Go back outside. Wait for the girl to do her job.

When the line is clear, place the GPS transmitter at the car.

Head to the power generator.

And cut the TV signal.

Syringe this police guy and take his clothes. No need to hide his body because you've to be quick.

Enter the building through the door shown in the picture.

The enemy (red) will enter the room (green). So be prepared to kill this guy for his clothes.

Hide behind door, the classic way.

Then, you should exit through this door because using the main door could blow your disguise. Dont forget to hide his body to somewhere safe.

Enter the ship like normal.

Then, enter the first doon on your left.

Use the stairs to go down one level.

Just jump down through the hole to the container section.

The car that contains the bomb can be easily detected using the map. Simply, find the car in the container and disable the bomb.

Then, go up one level from the stairs you came.

Open the map and your target should be around here somewhere.

IF no guards around and he's alone. Just kill him.

Quickly, exit from this ship. Guards will notice the body.

You can also exit the ship from the path at the containers.

Change back to police clothes and head to the exit point.

Use any shortcut as possible to make it quick.

Because the policeman you knocked out before can awake at anytime soon. If you fast enough you can avoid that. Else, you have to sneak here to pass through this gate.

You're doing fine if the situation like this. You're one step away from the exit point while the police are looking for you. -end-