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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough 4 - Beldingford Manor

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Your first location that you should go. But first, ...

Wait for them. They will start patrolling this area after a few seconds.

Open the door to the garden maze and make your way to the "!" location.

Again, wait for a guard that will come down here.

Kill him, take his clothes and hide his body.

Go to the power generator room.

Turn off the furnace off.

Go to the second floor through the nearest stairs.

Enter the room second from right to take a poison. Then, enter the room first from left to continue.

This mirror can be opened as a door.

Wait until the target fall asleep. Make sure you wait for another extra seconds after he lie down on his bed.

Put the poison inside the milk.

Get out from the room, and go to the bookshelf. There's a secret door.

This is it. (Secret door)

Go to another stairs.

Go down to the wine section.

Poison the wine then get out.

Get out from this mansion and go to behind the stable. *Don't let sniper see you because sometimes he shoot you without any reason.

Disable the satellite transmission.

When the guards get out take the key inside that room.

Wait for all of them to get out.

Grab a weedkiller from the opposite room of the guard's room.

Go back here and poison the water. Watch out for the civilian here. You may need to use syringe to him. If he knows about the dead horses, he will be scared.

Your next location is here.

Watch out for sniper at the 2nd floor. When he's not looking, keep

Track his movement from the map.

If anything else cool, now save him as a final task.

You may need to sneak to get out from here because they may suspect you do something weird. Open the map and it should gives you an idea how to escape.

No idea? Then follow this path is should be ok. -end-