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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough 2 - The Meat King's Party

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The game starts inside a meat truck with a bonus, one knocked out man (yep, he's not dead). Just take his clothes. *This is your ultimate disguise because you only need this until the end of mission.

Get out from the truck and close the truck door here.

Before enter the main door, throw all your guns. Please do not throw syringe or fiber wire. Then enter the building through the main door.

Let the guard check your body.

Go to the kitchen first.

Take the chicken plate. This is an important thing because if you're late, this plate will be gone!

Go back outside where you put the guns. Drop the plate, take a silenced gun and place it inside the chicken plate.

Again, let the guard check and you can pass him with the gun. Yay!

Then, go to the second floor.

Go to the "!" sign. Before you able to go inside the room, one mad butcher will be there.

Enable sneak mode, grab your fiber wire and kill him. Using syringe won't trigger the cutscene.

After the cutscene, take the hand on the floor. Yuck.

Dont forget to take the chicken plate where you left it.

Go back to the 1st floor.

Make your way to the second stairs. You've to go through all the people there. Just walk and dont blow your disguise.

Go inside the target room.

Pull the curtain before give the chicken to him.

When he's eating, shoot his skull.

Now, go back to the first floor and head to the toilet beside the kitchen.

The second target will enter this toilet. So, take your time to syringe his bodyguard.

The bodyguard check every single door in the toilet. When he inside, take out the syringe and let him feel.

Now, the main target turns.

Lastly, go to the exit point. -end-