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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough 5 - Rendezvous In Rotterdam

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Go to that location.

Use syringe to him. Take his clothes and hide the body.

Drop all your guns and head to the nearby gate.

Then head to the stairs, you've to go to the basement..

Make sure no one following or see you before picking lock the door.

Go to the marked location and take enemy clothes. Avoid any contacts with anyone.

Then, go here.

Wait for your turn to torture him if enemy in here. When he's dead, get out from here and go up again.

Enter through this door to enter the main bulding.

Turn off the power from the power switch nearby. Then, you can pass the door there.

Climb up to the 2nd floor using the nearby ladder.

Enter the door.

Wait for the target to enter any room.

This room is more preferrable for the kill. Dont forget to take the safe combination.

Go to the safe location.

The safe is on the wall.

Head to the exit point through the factory. -end