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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough 7 - Traditions Of The Trade

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At the start point, there's a knocked out guy. Take his ID to get inside the hotel. You can throw the sniper away.

Enter the hotel through the main door.

Try to act normal by talking to the receptionist.

Go up one level through the stairs and head to the right.

IF you found him, follow it to steal his master key.

Then, find room 203.

Go to the balcony and jump to room 202's balcony.

Enable sneak mode and kill this guy. Then, take the stuff on the table except gun.

Next, kill the main target.

Remember to pick up the bomb case.

Jump again to room 203. Then go back to the main stairs.

Go here.

Close the window so that no one can see your crime.

Then when police not around, pick lock the door on the left besides the stairs.

Here, it should be easy to syringe the policeman over there.

Take out fiber wire and use it to him.

Remember to take the key. Next, head out to the main stairs.

Go to the elevator.

Select 3rd floor.

Go to the door as shown in the green circle.

Watch out for the body guard inside the room. Take your time to attack when he's not looking.

Take his clothes and keep going to the next room.

Again, just go straight and enter the next room.

Take the bomb and you're good to go!

Get out from the same way you get in.

Don't worry about the metal detector. Just head to the exit. -end-