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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough 10 - The Seafood Massacre

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Your first task is eliminate the target. Wait at the location shown in the picture.

He (the target) will come here for bussiness.

Kill him at this point.

Take the amulet.

Drop his body into the sewer.

Then, go to the sewer here.

Take the rat poison and go back to the streets.

Find a safe place to shoot the nearby car. This will trigger the alarm.

Now, it's your chance to get to the basement.

At one of the room, there's a chef clothes. Change to that.

After that, sabotage the gas control.

Wait for the chef to come.

Now it's time to put him to sleep. Remember to take his key.

Head to the kitchen.

Take out the poison and put in in the drinks.

Then, take out the amulet and place it on the tray too.

Lastly, take the tray.

Place it here and ..

Ring the bell.

Now you can head to exit and let the target die. -end-