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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough 12 - Hunter And Hunted

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Firstly, get out from your room and enter the first room on the right.

Go to the balcony and jump to other side.

Then, move to another room and jump to another balcony.

Get out from the room and turn off the power .

When the power is off, go down one level through this stairs.

Turn right and keep going throught the way.

There will be one policeman here.

Approach him and put him to sleep.

Take him to any nearby room to hide his body.

Then, take his clothes.

Continue the path and go down another level.

Once you out of the building, follow the green arrow as shown in the picture. This is the safest way to get near the target.

Then continue to the place nearby the sewer. No need to go down into the sewer.

Here (at the sewer location), you can safely take out your silenced gun and shoot to this car. The car will trigger an alarm.

Then, head to the target location. Just ignore the people behind. Make sure that no police while you kill him.

To exit, follow this path. It's long but safe.

Dont run or walk. You've to sneak behind the police to safely exit this location. -game over-