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Hitman: Contracts Walkthrough 9 - The Wang Fou Incident

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Firstly, go to the stairs and climb up.

Enable sneak mode and slowly move to the nearby door.

Take the bomb and remote on top of the safe. Do not change the clothes. Use your own suit.

Then head out and go back to the streets.

Next, wait the driver here.

Keep waiting until he come.

Use the syringe to take his clothes.

Drop his body into the sewer.

Then, head to the car and plant the bomb.

After that, go to the location as shown in the picture.

Wait for the car to move near the two guards over there. Please standby your bomb remote.

When the car reach absolutely near them, blow the car.

Then, go back to the ladder and climb up.

Change clothes to the red dragon. And dont forget to take the sniper. Holster your weapon before get out from this room.

Go to this location.

Around this position, you can snipe both of targets only by one bullet.

Aim at this position (more or less) should kill both of them.

Lastly, just head out to the exit point. -end-