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Hydrophobia Prophecy Walkthrough Chapter 12: The End

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Now you keep moving from door to door and kill enemies in the way.

Now get down the stairs.You can find the door.

Coming into this room you need to get to the other side by moving the blocks.

Using water powers you move the blocks to your will.

In the end you reach the other side.And now you proceed to the door.

In the room you can find the machine been controlled by mila.

So you need to destroy it. Use energy round when the ducts opens up.

You can collect the ammo present available there.

When the machine gets stunned use water powers to injure the enemy.

Finally you also shoot barrels at the machine.

In the middle the enemies come up. Kill all of them.

Finally the machine is destroyed and mila gets killed.

Kate takes the injection present there.

This ends the game Hydrophobia Prophecy.