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Hydrophobia Prophecy Walkthrough Chapter 5: Cycloconverters

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In the end you reach door.Well that now you are in console.

Use the console using mavi to access the camera feed.

Use your mavi and aim at the camera.Then select the feed.

Press E to view the other feed.

You can view enemies scaring the engineers.

Now you need to flood the cycloconverters using your mavi.

You can find a door on the right side. Select it to open.

Now access maintainenece corridor.

Keep moving to the distance shown on the map.

Now you need to reroute the gas lines. So get to the destination.

Open the door 3m ahead of you.

Keep moving after entering the room till the end of the way.

Well in the end you reach the room.Get inside.

Now you have to disable the secondary cycloconverters.

Reach the stairs on the other side of obstruction.

You can find enemies on the top of the platform.Kill all of them by taking cover.

Now reach the stairs to climb them to reach the destination point.

Open the door infront of you.

As soon as you enter you can find enemies strolling in.Kill all of them.

Later hack the console present in the room on the other end.

Later proceed this way.

You will find enemy in the way.Kill him.

Keep moving until you find enemies in the room.

Take the stairs to reach the location.

Now you need to access VFD facility.Let the flames set off to get to the other side.

Make sure you reach the other side in time.

Later you can open the door to access the vfd facility.

Need to extinguish the fire.

Using mavi access the camera present top ahead of you.

Using camera feed open the door on the other end.

Now inside the water you can find stairs at an end.

Using the stairs you come up of water and reach the other side of the blockage.

You search the body present there for the frequency key and get it from it.

Later on you search for the cipher and as you find it you upload it to mavi.

Now to get to other side of blockage you can decrypt the door.

Reach the door in the end.

Decrypt the mesh door and get inside.

Use the ladder to get downwards to disable fuel supply.

Use the wheel to disable it.

Later swim to get to the location ahead of you.

Use the ladder you find in the way.

At the end of the way you can find a door.Climb to it.

Keep moving in the tunnels.

Look out for the gas in the tunnels.

Finally you reach the door.Open it to get to the other side.

Now you need to take cover inorder to kill many number enemies strolling there.

Later you need to keep moving until you reach the destination.

Open the door to get to the other side.

Hack the console present there.

Now get out of the VFD facility.

You will find enemies outside the door.Kill all of them.

Later you need swim to get to location.

Also kill the enemies present in water.

Now reach the platform,climb it.

Search the body for frequency key.

Later you will also find cipher on the wall.

Now you can decrypt the door ahead of you.

Enter the room and using mavi access the camera.

Inorder to drain off the water present open the door using camera feed.

Now come on the other side and jump into the water.

You can find door deep.

On getting to the other side you find enemies kill all of them.

Now you need to decrypt the door on the other side.

Keep moving to the other door ahead of you.

Kill the enemies present there.Take cover to avoid injuries.

You can see the enemies are setting mine.

Use the ladder to get to the top.

Now using bars get to the left side to the door.

Enter this room.

Now you need to run from the room towards the beam ahead.

You get hold of it and get to the other side to reach the door.

Reach the door finally.

Keep moving in the tunnel till the end.

You can find the door in the end. There is room with electrical wires spreading current.

So initially shoot all the wires to disconnect them.

Later jump into the water.

You can find the dead body. Search it for the frequency key.

Later you search for the cipher which is on the other side.

Now you hack the console inorder to overload.

The walls leaking water. You shoot it to break the wall.

Later the compartment starts flooding. Now you can climb the rods to get to the door.

Finally you reach the door.Keep moving into the tunnel to get to room on the other side.

Now you need to find the cipher so get to the small room from where you made the jump.

Climb to the room and get inside it.

In the room you can find the cipher.

Later get to the door and just escape from there.