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Hydrophobia Prophecy Walkthrough Chapter 2: Getting off A-Deck

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You can find the person dead and now you try your means to get off deck.

Proceed to the door at the end of the way.

You can see the destruction on the ship.

You are stopped by some sound from moving out.

Get to the end of way and jump onto the beam infront.

Walk to the other side cautiously.

On getting to the other side hack the console using mavi.

Hack the console by matching the waves on the screeen.

Later on get to the other side and open the door and keep moving.

Get downwards by moving.

Get to the other door at the end of the way.

Keep moving the way shown on the screen.

Now coming to this room get to the other side.

You will reach the door. But its locked.

Now you need to climb the rods to reach the top.

You need to use the stairs and get to the top.

And later reach the top by climbing the rods.

In the end you will reach the door. Open it and get going.