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Hydrophobia Prophecy Walkthrough Chapter 4: First Enemies

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Now you need to access the cycloconverters. Get to the door on the other end.

Keep moving. At the end you can find a ladder to climb.

Now you need to get to the other side of the walkway.

Here you swing by pressing W to jump to the other side.

Using mavi open the door present at the corner.

The body flows out of room along with water.

Now jump down and get to the body to search it.

You will find the key to access cycloconverters from the body.

Later get into the room available with transformers.

Using mavi find the cipher present in the room.

Finally you can find and the cipher gets added to the mavi.

Later destroy the transformers to stop the electricity from spreading.

Now you need to get the room to access the cycloconverters.

Kill the enemies coming to you. Take cover and kill all of them.

Later proceed to the door to get to the room.

Kill the room present in the other room.

Now open the door at the end and keep moving.

You can find enemies in the room.Kill all of them.

Later proceed to the door at the end and decrypt it.

Now you see an enemy strolling in there.Kill him.

Now you need to keep moving to the destination.

You can find the door.Climb to it and get to the other side.

Walk in the tunnels to reach the other side.

Look out for the laser grid.Do not let it touch you.