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Hydrophobia Prophecy Walkthrough Chapter 1: Kate’s Room

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So kate wakes up from sleep and collects the document.

Now you go to search MAVI in the room.

Finally kate collects mavi.

Now you need to proceed to the door at the end of the way.

You need to press E to open the door and get outside.

Listen to the conversations between kate and scoot.

The elevator is rigged with bomb which goes off in 7 seconds.

However kate survives the fall.

Now in order to get out of the lift press W+ SPACE to perform jump.

Keep moving to the left side by hanging on the rod.

Later you climb to the top and get to the door on the left.

Now you need to press Q to drop from the rod and get hold of the door.

You can see the ship is being attacked.

Get to the door at the end of the way.The direction is shown on the screen.

Press E to open the door and get to the other side.

Take the stairs and reach the top storey.

The door is locked and unable to be opened.

Now head to the top floor again.

You can find a door open and get inside.