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Hydrophobia Prophecy Walkthrough Chapter 6: The Loading Area

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Get on the obstruction to climb the rods.

So clim up to it to get to the platform

Later you need to get to the left side to get to platform.

Now you need to drop down from there by pressing Q.

Now get to the other side of the platform.

You can find the wheel to extinguish the fires.

Now you can reach the door present ahead of you.

Open the door by pressing E to get to the other side.

You need to drain the holding area.

So you swim to get to the other side.

Deep below you can find wheel to extinguish the fire.

There is another wheel required to be rotated to extinguish the fire.

Finally the door is opened to drain off the water.

You swim back to surface to breathe.

Get to the pipes to hold them to get to the door.

Here you need to swing to jump onto the platform.

Now you can open the door to get to the other side.

In the room you can find another door.

Now you need to remove the obstruction to open the elevator door.

Before that kill the enemies present in the room.

Reach the stairs to search the dead body.

Now jump into the water by rolling then remove the obstruction.

Finally you would be able use the elevator.

The door is encrypted.

You go outside the door.

You can find console there and you hack it.

Later you kill all the enemies present there.

You can find the key from the dead body.You find the cipher.

Later you preoceed to the door then decrypt it.

Press E to open the door and get to the other side.

Kill the enemies present there.

Later keep moving and get to the stairs.You need to open the door by pressing E.