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Ib Walkthrough Shadow Gallery

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Inside the next area you'll find some paintings of a guillotine keep walking towards the right side but stop before you get to the blank painting.

Move towards the middle of the last 2 portraits and quickly go back to the left. That should trigger the falling guillotine and allow you to avoid it. If you fail to avoid the guillotine then it's an automatic game over.

Head down the stairs once the guillotine moves. Keep following the path and turn right at the end of the hallway.

Head up afterwards and you'll see a red door. Save your game before you proceed further.

In the next room there are 2 statues. Head for the one on the right side and follow the path towards the back of the room. You'll see a painting of a woman in red clothing.

Examine the picture and head back down the woman's painting will come to life and chase you.

The best way to avoid it is to block its path with the ropes on the statue. Head towards the statue and wait for the lady in red to follow you.

When it's close quickly go left and up the other side of the statue. That should keep it locked between the wooden stand with a note on it and the rope that prevents you from getting close to the statue.

With that done head back up and take the key that fell from the lady in red painting. Then use that key to open the red door in the middle of the room.

In the next room there's a series of book shelves. Examine the bookshelf on the upper left side and Ib will read a story. After the story the door in the middle of the room will unlock.

After the small library room you'll find yourself in another two-way room. Ignore the vase and save point for now and take the path on the right side.

You'll find this guy collapsed on the floor. Examine him and you'll find a key on him. Now head back and save your game this time, then head for the path on the left side.

You'll find a red door as well as some blue rose petals scattered around. Examine the door and Ib will open it using the key you found on the collapsed guy.

Inside the room you'll find the lady in blue munching on a blue rose. Get its attention by getting close to it. Quickly head back outside through the door once it starts chasing you.

Outside the room head stand a bit close to the window.

The lady in blue will smash right through it. Now head back inside the room and grab the rose that the lady in blue was munching on. She won't come back inside so don't worry.

Leave the room after taking the rose and quickly run past the lady in blue. Go back to the other hallway now.

Near the save point examine the vase. You'll notice that a new option has become available. Place the blue rose in and place your own rose in if you took any damage during the previous encounters, then save your game.

Go back to the collapsed man and examine him. Return the blue rose to him and you'll have a new party member named Gary.