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Ib Walkthrough The Cat Door

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First head for the door on the left side and you'll find a room that has a series of walls with the first one being the only one without a curtain.

Walk a little bit past the first wall and some text will appear on it. Go back and examine the text. Afterwards we need to find the figure. Now choosing the wrong wall will result in Ib getting damaged so don't just randomly pick one.

Go towards the 3rd wall from the left on the bottom walls and examine it. You'll be prompted to press a button.

Agree to press the button and the curtains will rise. You'll find the stick figure underneath it and it will tell you that you'll get a prize and you'll hear something drop from somewhere.

Head towards the upper part of the room and you'll find a painting examine it to acquire a fish head. Afterwards head back to the cat room and take the door on the right.

In this room you'll notice that there's a lot of statues. They're creepy but there's nothing you can do here.

Move past the rows of statues and the one in the middle will smile and its eyes will glow red. Don't come near it as it can damage you.

Stand near this dark part of the floor and wait for the bust to come close to it. Once it does, it will trip over and break.

Grab the fish tail that was hidden inside the bust and Ib will automatically connect the 2. Examine the vase on top of the cardboard boxes before you leave the area. These vases are health items in Ib. Dip your flower into one when you get the chance and it will automatically heal you.

Leave the room by taking the upper open path on the upper part near the rose painting. The broken bust will cover your way so you can't take the other path anymore.

Examine the middle part of the wall and Ib will automatically use the fish key and a path will open. Walk down the path to get to the next room.