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Ib Walkthrough The grieving bride puzzle

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There's going to be a short dialogue with Gary, then you'll be able to proceed further to the right afterwards.

In the next room you'll find a headless mannequin. If you went to this area prior to saving Gary you'll know that Ib is not capable of moving the statue. If you do have Gary with you though, he'll push the statue out of the way.

In this room we'll have to solve a puzzle. But Ignore these paintings for now and head up the next area.

Immediately take the a left turn as soon as you get through to the next area and enter the first door.

Inside you'll find a maze. Ignore the impulse to explore. Instead take the last path on the right side and head up.

You'll find a canvass with words written on it. Now we have a clue and we're required to check for the south of each paint.

I'm not sure if the location of the switch is randomly generated but if not then the switch you need is to the south of the red paint that's on the upper left side of the maze. The problem is there's a mannequin lurking there.

Try to avoid this small square area while you're trying to get to the switch. It's impossible to escape once all three mannequins have you cornered here.

Instead lure them towards the lower right part of the map. You'll see that they're liable to get stuck behind the wall with the "Labrynth" sign. Once you get them stuck on that area head for the switch and you'll unlock a door somewhere.

Exit the labrynth and continue further left then up. You'll find that this place is filled with eyes, but don't worry they won't damage you. Proceed further up then right.

You'll see this snake but we'll ignore that for now.

Head down from the statue and then right on the first corner that you find. Then enter the door.

Inside you'll find a series of stools and paintings of a blue bottle. Our goal is to grab the blue bottle that's sitting on top of one of the stools. take the path on the left and push that stool once up and once to the right.

Now head further up and push the stool twice north.

Once the second stool can no longer be pushed look to your right and push the stool to the right. You can now take the eyedrops that's on the stool.

Head back to the hallway with a lot of eyes and examine the eye that's red. Use the eyedrops on it to heal it.

Once healed the eye will move towards a different part of the room and stare at the wall. Examine the wall that it was staring at and you'll find a secret room.

Inside the secret room you'll find a red ball on the ground. Take it then leave the room.

Examine the portrait of a white snake near where the secret room is and you'll be prompted to insert the red ball. Once you do the painting on the right will fall.

Examine the painting and you'll find some words written behind it. After reading that head back down and enter the door on the right side of the room with a labrynth. You can also save your game now.

Inside the room there are 4 sculptures. Ignore the first 3 what you want is the tree. Go behind the tree (You can't see Ib on the photo because she's behind the tree) behind does not mean the eastern side. Stand on the north side of the tree and examine it to find a wedding ring.

Now head back to the area where the painting of a bride and groom is placed and return the ring to the bride. Place it onher ring finger and the couple will smile while the bride tosses her bouquet to the ground. Grab those flowers and head back near the door where you found the eyedrops.

But instead of entering the room head further right then up. You'll see this creepy talking painting and it will demand that you give it flowers. Give the bouquet to it and it will eat them. It will turn into a door and let you pass soon after that.