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Ib Walkthrough The Math Puzzle

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In the next area there's, once again 2 paths to choose from we'll ignore both for now and instead focuse on the white canvas on the left side. Save your game and examine the painting.

The first time you examine it Ib will say that it's just a white painting. Examine it a second time and she'll find a number on it which is the number 9 written in red. Colors are important here so take note of it too.

Walk up the narrow path and be sure to stick to the middle again. The shadow hands will try to attack you as you walk on it.

Turn right and examine the red doll that's hanging low enough for you to interact with. Once you examine it another doll will on the floor.

Examine the doll that fell and you'll find the second number that we need which is the number 18 written in green.

Turn back and this time enter the yellow door on the left side of the hall and you'll be inside the liar's room.

There are 6 paintings inside this room and among the 6 there are 5 liars. We need to talk to all of them to find out which one is telling the truth.

If you talk to the one in red and the one in yellow, they'll both agree that the one in white is telling the truth. Not a good sign. Since the three of them are agreeing with each other they are most certainly all liars. If you talk to the one in blue, he'll say that the one in green is the only one telling the truth and again since they're in agreement with each other, they are also liars.

The only one that has been ignored by all the other paintins so far is the man in brown. Talk to him and he'll tell you to stand in front of the statue then go 4 steps to the east and 2 steps up or north.

Enter through the door that's in the middle of the 6 portraits and you'll find a room that has a lot of square tiles and a statue at the middle. Follow the instructions and head east 4x and north 2x.

Press X once you get to the location and Ib will inform you that the tile is loose. Pull the tile up and it will reveal the third number that you need, which is 4 written in blue.

Leave the room and go back to the hallway. Now head past the hanging dolls and examine the yellow door at the end of the hallway. You're going to be asked for a number code. The X x X + X = ? is an equation. So the green number is 18 multiply that by the red number which is 9 which will equal to 162. Now 162 plus the blue number which is 4 is equal to 166. Punch in the number and the door will open.

Inside the room you'll find some trees and one of them has an apple fruit on it. Examine the tree and take the apple then go back outside.

Go back down the path but make sure that you still stay on the middle of it since you'll be attacked by the shadow hands again. This time walk down the hallway on the right side.

Keep walking until you see this weird looking lips on the wall.

Examine it and a prompt will come up. Give the wooden apple to it and it will let you enter through it.