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Ib Walkthrough The Portrait Room

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In the first room there's only one door so enter through that to get to the next room.

In this room there are a lot of mannequin heads. They're harmless for the time being so save your game and proceed to the right side and enter the door.

The next are is probably the largest area we've ever seen so far. You have a choice to either go up or down. I would suggest going down and taking that path.

If you happen to ignore me then the lady in red will chase you in this area the whole time. So keep staying on the southern path to avoid that.

This door is locked but keep this door in mind. We'll need to go here later.

Head to the lower right part of the room and you'll see a series of portraits that are hanging on the wall. Examine the only different portrait. Then choose to examine his clothes. The numbers "5629" are written on it but since this is the "hanged man" portrait that means the numbers are upside down. So the numbers are really "6295." Also don't forget to count all of the paintings of women in the room.

Now head up towards the center of the room. Examine the door on the right and it will ask you how many paintings of women are in this room. The answer is 14. The door will unlock after that.

Inside the room there's a vase. Heal your rose if you've taken damage then head back outside and examine the room on the left side.

Enter the password which is 6295 on the door and it will unlock.

Inside you'll see a table with a vase on top of it. This vase won't heal you but you can move it. Move the table to the right and place it on the tile that has 4 black dots. A door will unlock soon after that. Note that if you make a mistake in this room you can just leave the room and come back inside. The table will reset to it's original location and you can try again.

After Ib confirms that there was a sound, leave the room and head for the upper right area of this place. Enter throught the only door there and there's going to be a mirror inside. Examine the mirror and a mannequin will block your way.

Examine it a second time and Gary will freak out. It doesn't matter which one you choose. Although your choice here will potentially affect the ending that you'll get.

Leave the room and you'll notice that the lady in green is prowling around the area now and there's a key near where it is.

Lure the lady in green over to the other side of the wall and you'll be able to take the key without getting attacked. Now you can enter the door near the save point, but don't pass by the lady in red. This one will come to life as you pass in front of it and damage you.

Take the long way around the room through the northern paths and head down. Save your game then enter the room.

Inside the room there's only one thing you can do and that's to push this lone bookshelf around. Choose to push it to the right so it's blocking the window.

Examine the foor after that and you'll find out that you're locked inside and that there's something lurking around outside.

Walk around the room and wait for the portraits to smash down the wall. Use the hole they made to get outside.

Once you're outside you'll see that all the paintings and some mannequins have come to life. Remember that door that you examined at the beginning? it's now half open and it's also our only way out. Make your way through the horde of paintings and enter through the door.

You're going to have a short cutscene afterwards.