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Ib Walkthrough The Sketchbook

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Follow the only path available until you reach the end. You'll notice that you got yourself into a pretty weird place but that's okay.

Keep going towards the left side of the area until you hit the end of the path. Go up once you hit the end of the path then examine the white house nead the butterflies. It will tell you to that there are instructions in the pink house. So take the road on the right side.

You'll arrive at the pink house soon after that. Examine the blue part of the wall and it will give you a clue about the pink key being in a box. Now go back to the white house on the left side of the pink house.

Inside the house you'll see this blue thing at the left side of the area. Examine it and you'll find out that it's a bucket. Grab the bucket and attempt to leave. A short cutscene will play then you'll be allowed to leave afterwards.

After exiting the white house. Go right towards the pink house and once again take the right road and keep going until you get to the end of the path. Go up after hitting the end and you'll find a pond. Examine it and choose to fill the bucket with some water.

After getting water head down the road until you reach the white house with a red roof. Examine the flower on its right side and water it with the bucket you filled.

Once it blooms, examine the flower again and you'll obtain the gallery key.

Walk to the left until you see the gallery. Use the key to open the door then enter the building.

Examine the box in the middle of the room and open it. Some weird symbols will come out and you'll also get a small mirror. After acquiring the mirror, leave the gallery through the door on the right side.

Go up towards and past the fluttering butterflies and you'll find a sunlight beaming down. Examine it and put the mirror on the ground. The ice on the door will melt and you'll be able to enter the building.

Inside the building you'll find some weird pattern and a button puzzle. The symbols and buttons correspond with each corner of the outside map and you'll have to press them in the order that the drawing dictates.

First Press north, then west, northeast, northwest, southeast, south, east and lastly southwest. After getting the order correctly you'll receive a plastic key.

Exit the house and follow the path on the right side. Enter the house with a heart on the door.

Inside you'll find a save point. Save first and then examine the blue box in the middle of the room.

Inside the toy box you'll have a choice to either look for your rose first or look for Gary.

The rose is on the upper left side of the area.

And Gary is on the right side of the area. You can choose which one you wanna do first. Make sure you save after getting both of them back. Now you need to find the key.

The key is near where Ib woke up. Beneath a large pink cat drawing. It's not really that hard to spot but because of the large pink drawing it might get ignored.

After getting the key the whole place will go crazy and all the toys that are scattered around will come to life. Quickly make your way up.

You need to climb up on the stairs that's between the creepy dolls, but be careful cause Ib only has 1 petal left so getting touched by any of the monsters will result in a game over.

Make your way through the path and back upstairs.

Once you get back upstairs, you'll notice that the room has changed. Save your game and examine the rose vines on that's blocking the path.

Garry will ask you how you want to proceed. I'm not sure if it affects the ending but it seems like burning the vines are the only way to get through.

Head upstairs and walk towards the end of the room and Mary will walk in and demand that you leave. Eventually she'll go crazy again. When she says "leaaaaaaaaaave" prepare to run before you press X.

Keep running towards the other end of the room and immediately examine the painting on the wall. Burn down the painting and a cutscene will play.

Head back downstairs and outside the house. Then proceed further down to the pink house. Heal your rose and save your game, then proceed to enter the pink house.

Proceed down the stairs and turn right at the end of the hallway.

You'll be back to the gallery but not the normal one. So make your way back up the second floor towards the large painting where everything started.

Examine the painting to start the cutscene. There's going to be a few more dialogues after this but since everything that you answer on these dialogues will affect your ending, I'm sure you can handle it.

Depending on what you choose to do you may be able to meet Gary again in the normal gallery. Although his reaction to IB will be different depending on which ending you get and the choices you made during the game. Congrats on finishing Ib!