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Ib Walkthrough IB: Prologue

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After the short opening scene, the screen will light up and a family will walk into an art galery. There's going to be a short dialogue until you're finally allowed to move around.

Once you're allowed to move around, check on the stack of paper that's right in front of you. The basic controls of the game is written on them.

After examining the pamphlets, leave your parents and head up stairs. Alternatively if you want to look around the first floor you could also do that, although you don't need to do it.

As soon as you get to the second floor, you'll see that there's more displays. Head south and take a right turn at the end of the hallway after you finish looking around.

In the next area you'll find that there's a large portrait taking over the whole wall of the galery. Examine it and you'll notice that something's wrong. The lights will flicker and sound will stop.

Once that happens head back to the stairs that lead downstairs. A few weird things will happen while you're on your way back but don't worry there won't be any enemies yet.

On the first floor you'll notice that your parents are gone and so is everyone in the gallery. The lights will also completely shut off. After going downstairs, you'll need to head back up to the large portrait that you previously examined.

This time you'll notice that there's blue paint dripping from the side of the painting. Examine it and some words will appear on the floor.

After the words appear, examine the same part a second time and Ib will read some words that have now appeared. It tells us to go below so we need to head back to the first floor.

Go back downstairs and head for the hallway on the right side.

You'll notice that the painting on the floor that was previously blocked off has now opened up a path and that there's some blue footprints that lead towards it.

Walk towards the painting and Ib will be sent to the shadow gallery.