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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Barge

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You値l start out behind cover

Move forward and hack this camera box

Then disable this one here

Now head inside the trailer in front of you and grab the phone

Watch the camera and guard here

Then jump out the window and disable this camera box

Take the guard down

Head inside the warehouse for a checkpoint

Then head over and take this guard down for another checkpoint

Here you値l need to save Eva Green痴 character Vesper within 2 minutes (easily done)

Couple waves of guys if you run out of ammo which you will grab some here

After she makes her way around the bow you値l get a checkpoint

Head downstairs and take cover on this wall for another checkpoint

Time to clear the docks

After these guys are down a checkpoint and you値l need to clear the barge of bad guys

Take cover here and shoot the tanks

Then head up the ramp

Then take cover on this container and shoot the tank here

Take out the remaining guards that come

Soon a checkpoint now it痴 time to find a way to the upper deck

Approach the Bow of the ship and shoot these tanks

Then head towards the door here for a checkpoint then take cover

Head inside to the second door on your right and grab the phone

Then open the weapon box and grab the TLD 22-s

Then head through the door on the other side of the hall and through the door in the back for a checkpoint

Then head up the stairs to the upper deck 2 guards will show themselves kill them

Once topside maneuver through the containers until you reach the ammo box here

Then climb this ladder on the container

At the top shoot the 2 guards (there is no cover here but your gun holds 200 rounds so you should be able to get the job done)

Now you have to jump to the container across from you

Once over there take cover here on the catwalk lots of guards will come but there are plenty tanks lying about

Soon you値l need to move forward to here to trigger another wave after you do take cover

Finish off the guards, then shoot these tanks holding up a container

After the boom head into the container you just shot down and through the back

You値l need to open the cargo doors

Head over to the remote hanging here and use it

This will End Mission 13.