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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Montenegro Train

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Here they want you to only use the P99s which isn’t hard since it’s the best weapon out there

After the opening scene head out of the cabin and to the right into the first room and grab the phone

Then head towards the goal the Electrical servicing room and climb the ladder inside

Head up it to the outside

Creep up the train for a checkpoint you now have your P99s

You’ll come to a car with windows in the roof stay off the glass here

Soon you get word of another train on the other tracks

Yep you guessed it Jump over there

You’ll get a checkpoint crouch and jump down and take cover here

Then take out the guards

Make sure you get this one hidden down the way

Then take cover on this wall and look for another wave

Then take cover on this highway barrier and take out the guards

After they are down one more will pop up here

Then you’ll get a checkpoint, head to this wall and take cover

Shoot the tank to dispose of these guards quickly

Then head in the cargo box and grab the phone

Then it is up this ladder

At the top take cover and kill the guards

Then head down into this hole in the roof here for a checkpoint

Take cover quickly by this ammo box, after a few another checkpoint

Then head to this door for a scene which will kick off a timed sequence

Shoot the tanks here to kill the guards quickly

One guard near the guy cutting the train apart will have to be taken care of

Then kill the guy using the grinder and quickly jump to the other side of the train

Once there you’ll get a checkpoint head for the barrier behind you

Climb over it for a “Shimmy” sequence

There will be 2 jump’s pretty straight forward stuff

Take out the 2 guards you saw on the shimmy sequence and then uncouple this train car

Make sure you go to the other side quickly and take cover here

Shoot the tank to make a boom

Then dispose of the remaining guard

Head to the back of the car and take cover on the wall

Advance to this piece of cover to trigger a guard who will show you the way to go

Follow him over there by jumping across

Then take him down gracefully

Then take cover here

A guard will come to check stuff out shoot or take him down (you are also weapons free you can use any weapon now)

Then shoot the tank and generator to kill a few guards quickly

Then clean up the rest

Head for the back of the car and through the door

Take cover here before going inside deal with the guard here

Then advance to this piece of cover to trigger some more

After they are no more head in and grab the phone

Then head for the back door of the car

Take care of the guard here and climb the ladder topside

Take cover and kill the guards down the way

Then climb over make sure to time it right with the light above you

More guys will come as you get close to the ladder hole in the roof

Keep climbing over cover till you reach the ladder

Once inside grab the phone

Then head back up the ladder and jump to the other car in front of you for a checkpoint

Head down the ladder and take cover a flash-bang will blind you. After a few you can see again kill the guards

Then head for the ladder at the back of the car

A fight sequence will ensue at the top press the proper face buttons when they pop up

Soon you’ll have to mash O button to push his head up

This will end Mission 10.