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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Miami Airport

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This is a Sneaking Mission!!!

Hack the camera box to the right

Head through the door and take the guard here down

Head inside the room to his left and grab the phone

Then wait for the camera to look away and head to the box here to disable it

Move up to the corner here and wait for the guard patrolling to return

Then creep up and take him down

Then back track and make it to this corner

Wait for the camera to look away and run up to the box on the left

Disable it and move down to this door

Then hack it and head inside

Hack this computer for a scene

After it a guard will come into the server room

Run towards him to take him down

Move forward and take this guard down

Then quickly take cover here and watch the patrol pattern

Once you have it jump over the cover and head left into the room straight ahead and take cover in the doorway

Wait for the guard to come and dispose of him

Sneak up to this window and wait for the guard to go away and go inside and take him down

Head over to this door and hack it

Then the server inside

Take cover in the door here

Wait for the coast to be clear and disable this camera box

Then take cover below it and wait for the guard to go away

Creep up and take him down

Then take cover here on the wall youíll see a guard and a camera

Sneak behind the guard while the camera isnít looking and into the cubicle behind him

Then climb over the wall back here

Inch you way toward the camera box until you can disable it

Then run towards the guard and take him down

Then he towards the exit sign

Grab the phone here

Then head to this door and hack it

Then hack the server inside for a checkpoint

Guards will rush in take cover here and pick them off

Some may flank be prepared to do some running takedowns

After they are down head to this door and go through towards the van

Swing a right and grab the phone

Soon guys will flood take them out

Once they are down find the phone under the conveyor belt

Then head down this ramp

A guard will pop out deal with him

Then head over and jump this fence to trigger a nice sized wave

Kill them all

And head for this ladder in the back

Then climb up on this box

Shoot the guards you just triggered

After they are down climb the ladder

Then head over to this ledge and jump down

This will trigger a wave take them out

After the coast is clear head to this garage control switch and use it

Run in and head towards this airline stairs

Take cover at the top and take out the bomber

This will kick off a scene and end Mission 9