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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Science Center Interior

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When you start out head forward you’ll see a guard

Creep up on him and take him down

Then hack the camera box here on the right

Grab the phone on the left

Then head down stairs

At the bottom take cover on this doorway after it opens

Wait until the guard looks away and head to the left

Take cover on this corner and wait for the guard to turn around

Then disable the camera here

Then creep to the corner under the camera

Wait for the guard to come back and take him down

Then do the same running into the next one in the room ahead

Now you’ll need to hack this door

As soon as it is hacked it will open instantly take cover here and take out the guard that rushes

Then head in and find cover and start picking guards off

Advance to this cover here on the catwalk bridge for a better vantage point

Once the firstwave is down move to the box on the left hop over and take cover here

More guards will rush in take aim at the tanks and Boom

Move forward in a zigzag pattern to the next piece of cover

And again shoot the tank this should kill all the guards

After they are down it is time for a balance game

On the other side head for this ladder

Then open the duct cover and go through

There will be a rope grab on and slide down as directed

At the bottom a checkpoint

And a door to hack

Hack the door and head inside

On the other side a box to patch into

Then head down the hall and creep up on this guard

Take him down and grab the phone

Then head out the back and to the corner to take cover

Wait for the camera to look away and disable it at this box

Then run up to the corner after the next corner and take cover

Wait for the guard to come towards you and take him down

Then make you way until you see these 2 guards talking

Wait for them to split up and head for the one in front of you take him down

Then do the same to his buddy down the hall

Then head back to the small windowed room near the first guard and grab this phone

Then head to the Access Elevator control panel here

Use it and get inside the elevator to your right

At the bottom a guard you can kill if your quick with your aim and draw

After you have control again climb the hatch door ladder

The jump to this ladder and climb as fast as you can

And here is why

At the top 2 guards they will get blown up take cover on the display case here

Then head to this box and grab the phone

Move forward to trigger some guards

Take cover and shoot them

Then head to the other side and do the same

Once the top is clear head to the stairs in the back and go down

Half way down a guard will be waiting be quick about killing him

Head over and grab the phone of this cart

Then take cover here

And shoot the tank

Take out any remaining guards

As soon as this small wave is done shoot all 4 of these lights

And then finally

Advance forward

You’ll get a checkpoint

Take cover and watch the explosion

Then move forward to this piece of cover

Some guards will come, deal with them

After they are down move forward to trigger some more

Run back for cover as soon as they are triggered

Then take them out

This is a big wave it will take awhile and lots of going from cover to cover

After they are all dead a checkpoint

Head to the busted down door and head inside a guard will pop out rush and take him down

This will end Mission 8.