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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Sink Hole

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When you have control head towards this cover

Then advance down to this cover

The objective is this piece of plane, once you get here Camille will draw there fire away from you

This is your chance to make a run for it jump out the side of the plane

Then over this piece of cover

Then over this one as well

Then under this rock for a checkpoint

Then your going to have to jump or slide down this waterfall

Then take cover on this rock barrier to your right

Follow this cover to a Switch point

Continue following it around youíll notice a guard

Creep up on him and perform a takedown

You now have his weapon and must defend yourself

Some guards will rush from the left here take them out as you see fit

After they are down head towards their dead bodies and into this watery area

Follow the path until you reach this piece of cover

More guards will rush in here deal with them

Then move to this rock

And take care of the rest of the guards

Make you way to this alcove

Then take out the guard that rushes and move around the rock to this one and take cover

Some more guards to play with here

After they are down head up and to the left to this rock here

Climb over it and be prepared to take the guard out in the tunnel

After he is down head through the tunnel and follow the path

Itíll take you to this downed helicopter

Approach the copter and take out the guard on the other side

Then grab the turret gun and go to town on the guards that rush in

Soon youíll have to defend the right flank just like before wait till they are near a dynamite box and boom

After you get the check point get off the turret

Head to this rock and take cover and kill the guards

Seems like a flood head back to the turret and deal with them accordingly

After they are all down a checkpoint

Head up the hillside to this small tunnel and kill the guard

Follow it around until you reach his body and grab his phone

Follow the path around until you reach these 2 bone heads kill them

Grab the M14 scoped rifle itís time to Defend Camille

Take cover on the rock here

And snipe all the guards down below

Soon 2 will rush in from the side kill them

Then the copter will come

Take your time your goal is to kill the Pilot

Once he is down you get a checkpoint

Head to Camille for a scene and the end of Mission 4.