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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Whites Estate

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007: Quantum of Solace Mission 1. Whites Estate The Game starts with a scene, after it you値l need to work your way through the garden

As you as you have control run towards the Sub-machine gun just in front of you and take cover

Then take out the guards

A tutorial will pop up for gun-play and cover system read them, keep moving forward from cover to cover, taking out the guards as you go (Cover is a HUGE part of game-play make sure you always an behind it or headed towards it)

After a few rounds of guards you値l come to a gate

You値l need to hack this to do so Press the Square Button then press the corresponding buttons on the D-pad for the mini-game to hack the Lock.

As you come down the stairs a tutorial will pop up for takedowns

Get close to the guard and Hit R3 and then the corresponding face button that pops up

After he is down move towards to dock and some guards will come. Shoot the propane tank behind them to take them out

A guard will come to the door of the boat house and open it for you. Giving you a clean head shot.

Once inside head towards this box and hold the Square button down to access the cameras

Head towards the green house as directed to in the camera feeds

When you get close to the green house door a running tutorial will pop up

Do as directed and run through the green house by press forward on the Left analog stick and pressing L3

On the other side a helicopter with a guard will be shooting at you take him out

Move along the path forward a tutorial will pop up for running takedowns just run into any enemy and do the normal takedown mini-game

Try it on the guard they give you here

Continue forward until you reach another green house

This house will have a lot of guards so find cover and take them down (look for explosives to ease your killing woes)

After they are down a few will flack from the right just stay behind cover and shoot the propane tanks or head shot them

After the area is cleared proceed forward towards to mansion

Soon a guard will pop out head shot him quickly (he値l open you path inside)

Head down into the cellar that the guard opened for you

Here you値l fond you first cell phone pick them up for info

Proceed down and grab the shotgun from the case in the room on your left

Some guards will come lay them down with your newly acquired weapon

Soon you値l be in a wine cellar room with some more guards shoot them and head for the stairs in the back

You値l notice 3 electric boxes shoot them

Now head up the stairs

There will be a guard here hiding kill him and grab the cell phone on the table

There will be a few guards guarding this kitchen area take them out and move forward

Take cover on the wall before going into the Foyer and take the guards out, grab the phone to your left

Then head up the stairs dealing with guards as the pop out

Eventually you値l be told to head upstairs yet again do so

At the top a guard will pop out of the room that you are headed to take him out

Inside there will be a safe but no goodies and a secret button hit it

This will open a secret room filled with computers

Head inside and over to this station and hold Square to hack it

A scene will kick off, then it is time to jet

The building is blowing up you need to get out side. This is a Linear path lined with guards at the beginning ignore them as explosions will kill them head down stairs at the bottom hook a right

Once you reach the room with the pond here

2 elite guards will pop up take them down and head out the back

Head up the stairs outside here and take the guard down on the landing pad

Then dump a couple rounds into the helicopter

A scene will play and will end this Mission White痴 Estate