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James Bond Quantum of Solace Walkthrough Bregnez Opera House

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A scene will play, and begin Mission 3. Bregenz Opera house.

You値l start behind cover, this is a sneaking mission!

First head around the cover and to this box hack it

Continue crouched and head north

A pop up explaining disabling camera痴

Head to this piece of cover and wait for the camera to look away

Then run to the box on the left here and disable the camera by pressing the Square button

After it is disabled you can walk by it and head to this walkway

Continue down this path you値l come to some switches

Hit the right switch once

The left switch once

Then finally the right switch.

This will lower a bridge but at the end will be arching some electricity

Becareful not to get shocked like I did here

Continue to the right and a message explaining Silent takedowns

Take the guy in front of you down

Pick up his weapon and take cover on this box

Move forward to this peg-board looking piece of cover

Wait for the guard to look away and jump down onto these pipes

Crouch through and wait for the guard to turn around

Then creep up on him

Preform a takedown on him

Then continue to this corner

Then move to the next corner and take cover

Then take out the guard here

Then hit this switch to lower the container

Head across and up a ramp

A few elites will come in the room here to the right

After you take them all down head for this desk in the back

Make sure you don稚 go out the door or the camera will see you so hop out the window here

Then disable the camera

Move along and under this deck

Then disable yet another camera

Head up the stairs here and take out this guard

Then hop over the railing

Then look for these stairs and go up them

Then up this ladder

At the top you値l need to jump over the rail right here

And shimmy along the edge until prompted to jump

Do this twice

Then at then end you値l jump back over to solid catwalk

You can take the stairs or the ladder here I値l take the ladder

At the top will be a sniper guard creep up on him and take him down

Then head up the stairs behind him

A scene will play here, then it値l be time to snipe some baddies make sure you take cover

Keep sniping the snipers across the way getting ammo if you need it

Eventually a scene will kick off, after it you must defend yourself

Head up these stairs

At the top will be 2 snipers

Take cover and them out and head over towards them

You see a small pole and a pop up

Just keep the white dot in the center with the right stick while pushing forward on the left

Across the pole pick up the phone

After you grab the phone jump down here

And take cover

Start shooting the explosives

After awhile a huge explosion goes off and a timed escape mission pops up

Jump down and just run as fast as you can through here

Soon you値l have to jump

After that a scene which ends this Mission